Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in America

With the advent of festive season, America almost turns into new shades of celebrations with every coming day. While the Thanksgiving hangover lasts for a while, but the Christmas spirit kicks in and everything starts to look merry right from the moment preparations begin. If you are looking at drawing out a vacation guide during the Christmas season, then here are the best places to celebrate Christmas in America:-

1) Christmas in Mc Adenville, North Carolina

Nothing gets more Christmassy than this. Each year, Mc Adenville changes its name to Christmas town USA. Your USA Trip planner while you undertake a Christmas vacation should definitely prioritize this humble town.  You will be surrounded by about 4,50,000 lights and 6,00,000 people that adorn the streets of Christmas town every year.

2) Christmas in Nevada City

Nevada City is always donning different shades of vibrancy. We are pretty sure that your Las Vegas trip journey guide by itself is a compilation of little moments of celebration. But, let’s go a little off-beat and add a twist to your Christmas oriented Nevada city trip planner. Dive deep into the history of Nevada with a Victorian Christmas celebration.

3) Christmas in Ozark Mountain Christmas

Plan an ideal Branson trip and make sure that Christmas celebrations are the highlight of your Missouri trip planner. People go all out with Christmas celebrations here as the entire city transforms into a mount of flaring lights. Remember to include Silver Dollar City’s Christmas celebration is your travel plan to absorb the merriness of all Christmas around you.

4) Christmas in Woodstock, Vermont

The Christmas celebration in Woodstock is straight out of your dreams. It is almost like a series of post cards come alive right in front of your eyes. With horse parades and buggies, it is almost like going back in time. Remember to be a part of the Woodstock Vasail Weekend to make the best of your Vermont trip.

5) Christmas in Natchitoches, Los Angeles

Christmas Celebrations start long before any other festival here. Starting in June as a tester for lights, Natchitoches boasts of about 3,00,000 lights along with events for children, parades, fireworks and even live performances that go on until the first week of January. Santa Clause does not only come around here, but also gets a lot of goodies.

6) Christmas in Washington D.C.

Even though the entire city lights up during Christmas, Georgetown Glow is an event that you should definitely not miss out on. The oldest neighbourhood of Washington D.C becomes the hub of festivities and has a lot of artistic ways in which Christmas is celebrated here!

7) Christmas in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Elkhart Lake dominates the off-beat destinations in any Wisconsin trip planner. During summer it is one of the most preferred destinations for the activities that happen here. But, during Christmas it is even more amazing because of its famous Old town Christmas Market. The snow provides the perfect set up for the Christmas decorations and it becomes a scene straight out of your favourite Christmas story or movie.

Merry Christmas in Advance!

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