Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in Europe

There is no time like second half of the year to be in Europe. With the festive season kicking in, each nook and cranny lights up with a different shade. The people don their enthusiasm hats and plan a perfect farewell for the current year in the hope of starting the next one on a pleasant note. Any Europe Trip Planner is sure to mention how Christmas and New year is an extensively lively time to be here.  Here is a rough journey guide for you to make the best out of your travel plans during Christmas in Europe:-

1) Spoil yourself with the Christmas market in Manchester, United Kingdom

Any Manchester Trip planner is incomplete without the dazzling pictures of the Christmas markets. Christmas Markets in general are the highlight of this festival in Europe. But, the markets of Manchester are synonymous to the lively culture of Manchester and an experience a travel enthusiast must have. Right from fresh food stalls to hot traditional liquor to clothes, Manchester almost turns into a land of get-what-you-wish for during Christmas time.

2) Feel romantic at the Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic

Europe seems to have a connect with the alphabet P and romance. Paris and Prague are undoubtedly two of the most romantic cities which dominate the aforementioned category on a number of vacation guides.  The Prague Castle is breath taking as it is, but it is almost like a new bride on Christmas. Even otherwise, the streets of Prague are so beautiful during Christmas, because you will see traditions being put on display in one and culture being embraces in the other.

3) Discover another side to liveliness with Brussels in Belgium

If you want to enjoy holiday activities and want to experience a Belgian side of Christmas, than Brussels has to dominate your journey guide. The city just does not sleep and the life-size reindeers and other Christmas decorations would snap you right out of your gloominess that the European winter comes with. Do not forget to nibble on traditional chocolates to make sure that Christmas spirit runs right through your veins.

4) Go the traditional way in Vienna, Austria

We would always suggest you to memorize your Vienna trip planner to absorb the beauty that this city has to offer to you. The Christmas here is extremely traditional and you will fulfil all your travel dreams by mingling right into the culture here.

5) Live the Christmas Spirit in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has a soulful charm to it. Your Spain trip planner is highly inefficient if it does not consist of Barcelona. It is one of the very few places in the world that has held on to its mature artistic nature and has kept its arms open to a liveliness that you can find only in this mingling of the two. Christmas here is a complete treat and the people here would never make you feel like you are on a vacation, you will fit in so seamlessly.

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