Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Asia

Asia is probably the largest continent which houses so many cultures of the World under one roof. Each country is divided on the basis of regions. Each region is further divided on the basis of language, traditions and foods here. Your vacation guide around Asia should ideally span over a lifetime because no number of days are enough to enjoy a holiday here. Here is a list of best places to celebrate New Year in Asia:-

1) New Year in Osaka

The Japanese take their customs and celebrations very seriously. Have a journey guide handy along with an Osaka Trip planner to make sure that you enjoy your New Year to the fullest when you are here. Osaka is one of the most pristine places in the world to start your new year with. If you like the quintessential vibrant celebrations then steer clear of this place. People here like to follow their traditions and customs very closely and also visit the Osaka Castle that is open only during the New Year.

2) New Year in Singapore

A Singapore trip planner definitely consists of Marina Bay and Sentosa Island as prominent attractions in the itinerary. But, if your journey guide spans through the last week of the year- then you definitely have to visit the aforementioned spots to witness some crazy fireworks and also to enjoy the parties and lively mingling with the locals.

3) New Year in Dubai

Dubai is in any case a party place. Dubai has established itself as the best holiday destination of the Middle East. Even though Dubai does not have any traditional customs or rituals to follow, but the city gets into the perfect New- year groove. There are uncountable party destinations here and if you want to get out and enjoy NYE at Dubai, then just stand near Burj Khalifa to see some of the best fireworks in the World.

4) New Year in Goa

Goa is the hippie’s paradise. People from all across the globe come here to enjoy New Year’s Eve. The entire month of December is full of parties for Goa and the state does not sleep at all during this time. Do not follow a typical Goa trip planner during this season, but just be sure to book your accommodation in advance-otherwise you might have to spend the night in the arms of sea waves.

5) New Year in Koh Samui

Thailand is the place to be if you want to run away from the monotony of your lives. The South East Asian country is capable of pulling you out from your year-end gloominess and put your in your party shoes as soon as you enter it. With crazy water events included in your itinerary, your New Year holiday at Koh Samui is sure to be extremely memorable.

6) New Year in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is one of the most underrated places on our list of Best places to celebrate New year in Asia. The Cambodians go all out with their NYE Celebrations and pyrotechnics are a major part of the entire decorations that light up Phnom Penh.

Here was our list of best places to celebrate New Year in Asia… Happy New Year in advance!

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