Best Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving in America

Thanksgiving is somewhat of a start of the holiday season and the entire U.S gets into an extensively festive mood. It is a great time to come up with your holiday itineraries which are more of festival itineraries as you will come across some of the coolest traditions in America and would want to blend in with the rituals of every other place that you visit. Imagine, there is a ritual of pardoning the turkey by the President which has a really interesting history behind it.

Here is a list of the best places to celebrate Thanksgiving in America:

1) Start with witnessing Macy’s mind blowing parade in New York

New York is one of the liveliest places to be at during the Thanksgiving week. Right from the opening of the bars at 8:00 am to people walking around with props of festivities, New York has a lot of opportunities for you to carry out your wild holiday ideas.

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2) Enjoy extended Disney Park hours at Orlando or Florida

The holiday season is upon us and every family with kids has Disneyland listed out in bold letters in their festival itineraries. On this day, enjoy a little more as the Disney Parks extend their working hours to welcome more people.

3) Enjoy the Thanksgiving activities at Chicago

Chicago has some of the most fun activities that you can be a part of during Thanksgiving. Right from doing some bizarre stuff to having outright fun, Chicago is definitely one of the best places to celebrate Thanksgiving in America.

4) Take in a typical Turducken at Louisiana.

This one is one of the craziest holiday ideas for you to go ahead with! The tradition of Turducken will satisfy every foodie in the World. It is basically a chicken filled in a duck filled in the turkey; three layers of goodness, three levels of celebration!

5) Learn about the Native American culture at the Santa Fe.

Santa Fe has the best museums and galleries to take you back to the Native American culture. Visit this place to learn all about the bizarre traditions and practices of the past.

6) See where it all began as you go to Plymouth.

Not a big hit on holiday itineraries, but Plymouth should definitely be an inclusion in your festival itineraries. You can go back in time and see the entire Thanksgiving tradition come alive in front of your eyes as the people here act out the entire story.

7) Enjoy a turkey trot at Las Vegas

Ever wondered why people at Las Vegas are so sexy? Well, even if they enjoy a typical Turkey meal on Thanksgiving, they have a way of burning it off along with gathering money to give away to charity. Take part in the Turkey trot the next day and have the feeling of doing something noble.

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8) Undertake skiing at Lake Tahoe!

When Thanksgiving knocks your doors, expect winter holiday season to walk in as the most wanted guest in the latter half of the year. It is the best time for Skiing enthusiasts and that is why; Lake Tahoe is a great place to enjoy the subtlety of Thanksgiving celebrations along with a memorable Skiing experience.

9) Escape to Scottsdale and enjoy a Thanksgiving brunch with nature.

Scottsdale has some really beautiful spots. If you want a sorted out festival itinerary with your family, then go away to Scottsdale and spend Thanksgiving thanking God for the marvelous creations in the form of nature.

10) Couple your wines with a typical meal at the vineyards in Santa Barbara.

The best thing about the holiday of Thanksgiving is the meal. At Santa Barbara, the nature is so soothing that you would want to celebrate this extensively vibrant holiday in the company of mesmerizing vineyards and your favorite people coupled with delectable delicacies.

11) Fly off to Hawaii.

Revolving your holiday itineraries around Hawaii is never a bad idea. But to enjoy the Hawaiian experience in all its glory, the Thanksgiving week is a great time to visit. With places full of people, even the volcanoes here become a treat to watch until they stay dormant, of course!

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