How to Celebrate Christmas in France

The French language itself is so poetic and beautiful, that it adds a beautiful sound to the names of all the traditions that are followed in France. Known to be one of the most desired travel destinations, no Europe trip planner is complete without an elaborate France Vacation guide. If you wish to fall in love through the various flavours of macaroons and want the festive spirit to kick in through the hot wine on a typical French evening, then the Christmas week is all you will need to snap out of the lull of the ending year. Here are a few ideas of how to celebrate Christmas in France:

1) Witness the nativity scenes

Nativity cribs are a major part of Christmas decorations in France. Apart from this, the entire act is carried out until the 2nd of February. This date has come to be known as La Chandeleur. Try to revolve your France travel planner revolve around these dates to see the best of celebrations. It is definitely one of the closest traditions to the people here and they follow it with a commendable zeal.

2) Enjoy the Le Réveillon de Noël

On your French vacation, you will pick up a lot of words that will stay with you forever. As a foodie, you are sure to remember the following term- Revellion. It is the main Christmas meal and is enjoyed on Christmas Eve.

3) Welcome Jesus with the help of Yule logs

Made out of cherry wood, Yule Logs is a definite tradition that you should follow if you are looking at a cultural French journey guide. Basically, these logs are burnt to make the house smell well and are kept to welcome Baby Jesus.

4) Enjoy 13 desserts at a go!

Now, this is a tradition that most vacation guides might miss out on. If you are in France, it goes without saying that you will enjoy a lot of desserts, but during this particular celebration, there is a practice of having 13 desserts at a go. Whoever said France was a sweet tooth’s haven, definitely knew what he was talking about.

5) Make the best of a Christmas Market at Paris

Christmas Markets are a matter of pride for Europe. Your travel postcards definitely have to have a variety of different snapshots from different Christmas markets from across Europe. You can enjoy hot wine, traditional sweets, cosy winter accessories and dive deep into the Parisian culture by exploring the Christmas markets here.

6) Go the traditional way in Avignon, France

Avignon is said to have embraced its traditions with full dedication. Although most mainstream vacation guides would not consist of Avignon, but an extremely efficient journey guide would definitely mention how beautifully Christmas is celebrated here. Next time, you are looking at a France trip planner, remember to include Avignon and explore a different side of France.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, or as the French say- Joyeux Noel!

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