How to celebrate Christmas in United States

With the calendars turning to 15th of October, the streets of United States get a completely different feel. People dive into the festive spirit with Thanksgiving itself and this is just the beginning of excitement that takes over the entire United States. Christmas begins a lot before the actual day with preparations and various events for the holiday season. Here is a Christmas vacation guide for you:-

1) Go into hardcore retail therapy with Black Friday!

After the day of Thanksgiving, you will see the entire US go into a major shopping spree with Black Friday. If you are taking a trip during Christmas than an ideal New York Trip Planner is sure to mention the excitement that comes with Black Friday.

2) Have a happy Hanukah!

Although a lesser followed ritual, your travel would open your mind to a variety of different experiences if you celebrate Hanukah the traditional way. A fun festival with Holiday Armadillo, Hanukah is celebrated widely by the Jewish population of the United States.

3) Follow the Yule log tradition and expect a visit from Santa Clause.

Even though a lot of traditions are now just in history books, the Yule log tradition has stayed prevalent ever since it begun. Logs from Cherry wood tree are brought and burnt for a distinct fragrance. It is supposed to be a tradition that is followed by the Birth of Jesus in the morning. You will find this in most houses in US that celebrate Christmas with zeal and enthusiasm.

4) Get involved with a crazy tradition with Children!

When you take a trip to the United States during Christmas, you will also see this unconventional sort of a practice. The children heat up milk and keep it out with cookies for Santa to eat. This tradition is followed in a lot of places and you will see little kids efficiently place down their bowl of milk with their favourite cookies, for their favourite mythical character.

5) Have a traditional Christmas Dinner!

Although this is more of a household thing, most restaurants would also whip up a Christmas spread. Consisting of a roast turkey, beef, ham or even Yorkshire puddings, this amazing spread is sure to make you thank Jesus for one more reason.

6) Attend the midnight mass

Visit the Trinity Church or St John the Divine or St Patrick’s Cathedral, basically, pick out the ones you want to visit from your United States Trip planner and get completely lost in the devotion along with positivity of a midnight mass.

7) Relive the re-enactments of Nativity scenes and go touristy!

The nativity scene is a very common event that happens in almost every corner of the United States. You can witness this, have hot traditional drinks that are being sold in the streets and combat the Christmas cold. After which, you should definitely visit Rockefeller Center or Times Square to see how amazing Christmas is celebrated in the United States!

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