How to celebrate New Year in Canada

Canada is easily one of the best places to consider for your holiday. Boasting of some of the best attractions that can adorn your vacation guide, the festive season in Canada is even more fun than you can imagine. Canadians love their traditions and customs, in a way that is how they retain their connect to their roots. You will see a lot of things to do in Canada when you plan your itinerary, just make sure you go to Canadian way to enjoy these practices to the fullest. Here is a journey guide for you to keep handy when you plan to go the Canadian way to welcome the New Year.

1)    Parties in Canada

Canada is divided in to Urban Canada and the country side. You will find a lot of New year celebrations in forms of parties towards the Urban side of Canada and a lot of people following traditions in the country side of Canada. If you are looking at a Montreal trip planner or a Toronto trip planner, then make sure to include as many parties as you can. Infact, go pub hopping to make the most of your New Year holiday in Canada.

2)    Traditional way of partying

If you get a chance to visit the rural areas of the Quebec province, then you are sure to witness a completely different style of celebrations in this region. People here prefer to go for more traditional forms of partying. They gather here and go to the nearest lake to do ice fishing. Infact, they spend the entire night doing just that with food and beverages on the side. Ice fishing is one of the most common ways to celebrate New Year in Canada.

3)    Fireworks on new year in Canada

Another thing that you will witness largely wherever your vacation plans to take you is the usage of fireworks. If you are taking a holiday in the Urban part of Canada or your journey guide simply consists of the rural areas, one thing will stay common and that is the practice of bursting fireworks to welcome the next year with open arms. Two of the best places to witness technologically riden fireworks is definitely Montreal and Ottawa where people gather in large numbers to see the amazing fireworks.

4)    Magic shows, Open parties in Canada

Over the recent times, a lot of magic shows, open parties, sports events and cultural events have also become a prominent part of Canadian New year celebrations.

5)    Traditions on new year in Canada

Some of the best traditions in Canada are- a polar bear swim during the New Year time. Another tradition is to rigorously clap when the clock strikes midnight to welcome the New Year with rigour and enthusiasm. Some of the other traditions are to kiss people Happy New Year, another is to have a black eyed pea soup and the best is the tradition of a young male entering the house as soon as the clock strikes midnight. One of the most different traditions that the Canadians follow during New Year is the collection of coal from the hearth at midnight.

Happy New Year in advance!

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