How to Celebrate New Year in Spain

A Spain Trip planner would typically include Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Marbella and many other places. Each place has a completely different charm and a Spanish vacation guide is every traveller’s dream pocket tool. Spanish keep their traditions very close to their heart. Antoni Gaudi’s architecture to Paellas, Tapas and Flamenco- this country has many traditions that would easily dominate your journey guide. Here are a few pointers to remember while planning a holiday to Spain during the New Year.

Start with Lucky Grapes

This is one of the most interesting traditions that the Spanish follow. The tradition basically states that you have to eat twelve grapes. You have to finish eating all of these grapes by the time the clock strikes midnight and if you do manage to do that, then you are said to be in for a year of good luck and prosperity.

Have a party at Puerto Del Square

Puerto Del Square is considered to be one of the most auspicious spots to see the clock strike twelve. This is the best place to mingle with the enthusiastic Spanish who gather here in thousands to welcome the next year with open arms. It anyway features largely in any Madrid Trip Planner but during the New Year, it is just the right spot to be at. One of the best part about this eve is definitely going to be trying out the cava which is circulated all over.

Win a lottery ticket

Lottery tickets come with a lot of superstitions and myths in Spain. The most absurd part associated with the luck of a lottery ticket is that if you rub it against a pregnant woman’s belly, a black cat or a cat’s back then your chances of winning increase majorly. This is one of the traditions that is hardly featured on any of the Spanish vacation guides.

Fall in love through your underwear

This is one of the most unconventional traditions followed in Spain and you should definitely include it in the activities to include in your Spanish itinerary. Apparently, if you want to fall in love the following year then wearing red underwear is almost like attracting Cupid to work on your love life. Truly a weird one!

Glass of Cava filled sprinkled with gold

The Spanish have a tradition of having a Glass cava with a gold object immersed in it. It is supposed to bring fortune onto them. But, this is definitely one of the best traditions that would make up your Spanish journey guide. There is another amazing connotation to this tradition. Apparently, you can decide what type of luck would you want to bring in your life- you can choose the object to drop and retrieve after your midnight toast. If you want love, put in raspberry or a strawberry or a cherry. If you want to ensure fidelity, then drop your gold ring in it.

Your first step

The Spanish believe that your first step on New Year should be taken with your right foot.

Well, Feliz año in advance!

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