How to celebrate Christmas In China

Although there is a very small population of China that is Christian, Christmas has come around to be one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. Even though Christmas is celebrated only in Mailand China, but here is a journey guide for you on how to celebrate Christmas in China:-

1. Christmas in Guilin

Enjoy a humble Christmas celebration in the city of Ghuilin. The Christmas Eve is grand as there are carols and celebrations that go on for four to five hours in the major churches in the city, but apart from this, the entire city does its own bit in spreading joy during the season of Christmas. It is also the best time to visit Guilin as you will not encounter much crowd unlike many other places in the World.

2. Christmas in Guangzhou

Christmas in Guangzhou is basically just adding a little more joy and happiness to your Guangzhou trip planner. Go for parties, enjoy Christmas food, feel festive with the carols and do not forget to shop. It is the best time for shopaholics during Christmas.

There are various traditions that the Chinese follow for Christmas which resemble the world but some are quite distinct:-

Christians in China generally follow the tradition of Peaceful Evening, known as Ping’an Ye which consists of hours of carol singing during the Christmas Eve. Your vacation would suddenly be sprinkled with tranquillity and peace at the same time if you get the chance to attend this event.

3. Christmas in Shanghai

Christmas in Shanghai would majorly feature in your vacation guide because of its popularity amongst tourists. The Christmas markets here are probably the best in China and shop-keepers leave no stone unturned in decorating their shops to give the tourists a festive feel. Remember to visit Christkindlmrkt or Santaville as these are the best Christmas markets in Shanghai.

4. Christmas in Beijing

Christmas is widely witnessed through the churches and hotels in Beijing. It is not an official holiday and hence, there is not much enthusiasm amongst people for Christmas here. Hotels come up with great dinner spreads to attract people who want to celebrate this holiday. The churches are full to their capacity and the carols and decorations make the city dive into a lake of festivities in a really subtle manner. You should really refer to a Beijing Trip Planner to make sure you make the most out of your trip to Beijing.

5. Christmas in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the very few cities that have been exposed to the traditions of the west as well as the east. Christmas in Taiwan does not meet with a lot of enthusiasm from older people or children but is out and out a couple’s festival. A Taiwan journey guide will take you through the best meals to have during this time or the best places to visit during Christmas in Taiwan.

As the Chinese say, Shèngdàn kuàilè !

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