How to Celebrate Christmas in Australia

While the entire world is raveling in the joy of a freezing Christmas, Australia has its Christmas during the transition period from winter to Summer. Christmas comes at the beginning of the Summer season and the Australians embrace it whole heatedly. Each city is full of festive vibe and Christmas festivities sprinkle all over the persistent liveliness of the city. Even though very different from your usual Australia trip planner, your Christmas vacation guide is sure to be a real fun one-


Australia witnesses Christmas celebrations at two different times of the year. One is on the 25th of December when Christmas is celebrated in Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. Another celebration is on the 6th or the 7th of January when the Eastern Churches-  Ethiopian Orthodox church, Russian Orthodox church and the Armenian church celebrate it. These dates have been followed since the last 1000 years.


You will witness houses get into the festive spirit through the decorations right since the beginning of the month. Carols are sung, Greeting cards are exchanged, Gifts are sent out and children await a gift from Santa Claus. Christmas day is just like any other day for Australians. They gather for a scrumptious Christmas spread and head to the beach. Sydney’s Bonda Beach witnesses about 40,000 people every year on the day of Christmas. You should definitely include this beach in your Sydney trip planner and this activity in your journey guide.


Australians do not prefer a very hot meal on Christmas. So, they go for a cold spread. As it is celebrated during the summer season, the foods that are found in the Christmas spread are Cold Turkey, Roast ham and salads. For festive desserts, Australians look at a traditional Christmas pudding with Ice cream, cream or a cold custard. Another famous item is the Pavlova which is a meringue base topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.


Each city has amazing events following Christmas. But, the boxing day celebrations at Espearence are a definite must attend. Apart from this , try including the Festival of Trees at the Bay Centre or Christmas at Craigdarroch Castle to experience a traditional Victorian Christmas. Santa Festival events at Sydney are major fun to be part of. Right from the Santa hunt to the celebrations at Cockle Bay Wharf- each of them have a charm of their own. Another event that is amazing is the Perth nativity scene which happens near the Council house. There is also a large Christmas tree here adorning the Nativity scenes. In general, even Melbourne and Brisbane have great Christmas celebrations. You can also plan to visit the Howe island or go to Kangaroo island to enjoy some Christmas celebrations. Visit restaurants to enjoy a traditional Christmas spread.

This was a rough vacation guide that you can keep handy when you are looking at celebrating Christmas in Australia. Merry Christmas in advance!

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