List of all the 2018 major holidays to consider for a vacation in India

2018 has started with a bang. The year started with an amazing long weekend and there are plenty more to come to kick-start your vacation goals! If you have a place in mind and want to know how to plan a perfect trip, then here are all the holiday planning tips for you. While there are amazing travel sites that you can consider, following is a brief list of days that you can plan your trip for.

The Valentine Weekend

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Love is in the air during this time, but you can also have your love for travel make you go around at this time. If you are thinking of how to plan a perfect trip at this time especially with your valentine, then this is what you can do. Most places in India have a holiday on 13th of February on the occasion of Mahashivratri. You can take holiday on Monday and extend your weekend to a 5 day holiday by taking a leave on Monday and ditching work on V-day. Do not miss out on this lovely time for a mini-vacation.

Good weekend holiday with Good Friday

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Well, here is a Friday for you followed by a weekend that you should definitely use up for a holiday. With plenty of travel sites offering you great deals, this is an ideal time to take a holiday. You can drive down to your favorite places or simply book well in advance from a trusted travel site to make the best use of great offers and deals.

Extend your independence


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A lot of places have a holiday on the 17th of August on the occasion of Parsi New Year. Independence day is a holiday as well and you can take a leave on the 16th of August to make it a 5 day long mini vacation. Time to independently travel!

Let October Beckon

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September ends with a long weekend and October begins with a holiday on Tuesday-2nd October. October is also a great time to explore a lot of places and the weather is quite favorable except for the occasional October heat. It is a great season to travel and you definitely can plan out a fun vacation during this time.

Celebrate Diwali Vacation in style

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If you feel like getting in a festive mood and want to light up your life by taking off during this week, then there are plenty of opportunities for you. The winter just starts to set in so it’s the nice breeze that is sure to accompany you on your vacation. Get your clan together and head to any place of your choice. Make sure to plan well in advance and make use of the best of the deals available for travel!

End it with Christmas

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This is officially the time when everybody slips into a festive spirit. With a Monday acting as a deterrent in between, you definitely can make the best use of the Christmas Day and combine the weekend with two extra days. The Christmas Markets and celebrations are such a treat to explore and venturing out in the cold is an amazing experience in itself. It also makes sense to end the year in style doing something you extremely love to do!

There are plenty of options in terms of date availability. It’s just about planning it right! With your dates in place, all you need to do to plan the perfect trip is pick a destination of your choice and quickly choose a perfect holiday planner as well as a companion to get on to a memorable holiday!

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