How to spend 5 days in Barcelona during New Year

Barcelona is extensively lively at all times of the year. During the end of the year, the city becomes triple the fun of what it is generally. While the Catalonians gear up to bid farewell to the past year, the city is still recovering from a hangover of Christmas. If you are looking at a journey guide for Barcelona during New Year, just take a rough outline and go with your instinct; you will have a trip of a lifetime. Here is a 5 day Barcelona trip planner for you to add the happy to your New Year.

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1) New Year in Barcelona – Day 1

Indulging in Barcelona’s funky shopping is all you need to make your day. During New Year, Rambla De Catalunya and Passeig De Gracia are a complete treat for a shopaholic. Apart from the materialistic gains, you will also add an amazing experience to your vacation by exploring these two places. Remember to pick out the amazing chocolates and visit Parc Guell on this day itself before it shuts down for the first day of the year. End your day by visiting the wonderful La Sagrada and bless Antoni Gaudi’s soul for crafting such a beautiful experience in the city.

2) New Year in Barcelona – Day 2

Go about the day following the traditions of Barcelonans. Start with the tradition of the seven grapes. The tradition basically states that you have to eat twelve grapes. You have to finish eating all of these grapes by the time the clock strikes mid night and if you do manage to do that, then you are said to be in for a year of good luck and prosperity. This should definitely be one of the top things to do on your Barcelona Trip Planner.

3) New Year in Barcelona – Day 3

Fit right into the Catalan circle as you buy a lottery around the 22nd of December. Lottery tickets come with a lot of superstitions and myths in Spain. The most absurd part associated with the luck of a lottery ticket is that if you rub it against a pregnant woman’s belly, a black cat or a cat’s back then your chances of winning increase majorly. This is one of the traditions that is hardly featured on any of the Spanish vacation guides.

4) New Year in Barcelona – Day 4

Go for an annual harbour swim at Port Vell. It might just get a little cold, so beware. Go pub-hopping or bar hopping as the set menus on New Year is a complete delight to try out. Give your vacation a twist with some amazing drinks at La Barceloneta and just mingle into the zealous crowd.

5) New Year in Barcelona – Day 5

Get into the New Year feel with the Catalans and walk around exploring some of the most beautiful streets of Barcelona. Mingle with the locals in any of the famous plazas and enjoy your day completely!

“Feliz año nuevo” in advance!

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