How to spend 5 Days in Dubai during New Year

Dubai is definitely the most expensive stone in the Middle Easter Necklace. Dubai can turn into any kind of experience that you want it to give you. You can spoil yourself silly at the larger than life malls, you can eat your heart out at the best of eateries, you can lie and wake up in the laps of nature- all in a blanket of urbanization. A Dubai Trip planner has such a plethora of attractions, that you will never feel monotony hit you. The best time to visit Dubai is definitely during the last half of the year.

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Here is a journey guide on how to spend 5 days in Dubai during New Year:

Day 1 in Dubai

emember to kick start your holiday with a stroll through this beach. You will be so warmed up for the New Year that you will definitely welcome it with arms wide open. This beach is known for amazing sun loungers, private cabanas and plush day beds here that can give you the much needed travel break feels. Go indulge into retail therapy as you go on exploring the Dubai Christmas markets. Make sure the markets occupy a large place in your Dubai itinerary.

Day 2 in Dubai

Every New Year, you should try to inculcate a new habit. This New Year, start with golfing at the Emirate Gold Club. This large stretch of plush greens should definitely be a part of your itinerary. Considered to be one of the most frequented recreational spots of Dubai, the views from here are simply mind blowing. Pamper yourself with some window shopping or grab your favourite brands while you check out the best of festive decorations at the Wafi Mall. Make the winter market a daily affair in your journey guide.

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Day 3 in Dubai

The following attraction is the gem of any Dubai vacation guide. The city is known to have re created experiences from across the globe. With Ski Dubai, you will not feel like you are not in Europe. They even have penguins here for the whole feels of a perfect snowy region. They come out 4 times a day and make your non-existent winter gloominess quickly go away. The eatery here also serves delicious food and you should definitely try it out.

Day 4 in Dubai

Dubai is known for a set four course meal for New Year. Here are a couple of restaurants that should definitely find a place in your itinerary. Cafe Belge, Armani, Fratelli La Bufala, Les Cuisines, Great Gatsby Gala Dinner, Wakame, Cargo, Rang Mahal, Marina Social are some of the options that you can try out while you take a New Year holiday at Dubai.  Flip through these amazing Dubai Tours to maximize your travel experience.

Day 5 in Dubai

Dedicate an entire day doing the best things to do in Dubai. Make your journey guide completely worthwhile by including the two following attractions in it. A definite thing to put in your itinerary in your Dubai trip planner is dedicating an entire day to the Emirates mall. With 450 outlets, you have 4 times the chances to pamper yourself silly. Then go for amazing fireworks at Burj Khalifa. Here was a 5 day vacation guide for you to keep handy while you plan your 5 day trip to Dubai during New Year!

A very Happy New Year in advance!

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