How to Spend 5 days in Goa during New Year

Goa is every party animal’s paradise in India. Taking a holiday to Goa during the end of the year is the perfect way to bid farewell to the monotony of the last year. People come here from across the globe and just immerse themselves in the calming yet lively vibe of Goa.

Here is a 5 day vacation guide for you to keep handy while you plan your holiday to Goa during New Year:

New Year in Goa – Day 1

Kick start your vacation while praying at the Old Goa Church. Bid farewell to all the good memories and bad memories of the gone year with blessings of the almighty. Start a new year under the shadow of God to give yourself a New Year full of peace, prosperity and tranquillity. At night, get to Calangute beach to start living your holiday itinerary to the fullest.

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New Year in Goa – Day 2

Spend the second day going to the thicks of Mapusa and Panjim. Or simply mingle with the locals at Vasco. These three towns should definitely be a part of your journey guide. The carnivals that take place here are so amazing, that you will fit right into the groove as soon as you see the performers create magic on Goan streets.

New Year in Goa – Day 3

Spend the day chilling with beer and some amazing sea food at Baga Beach. Go street shopping and probably take a massage at any of the outlets near-by. Gear up for a crazy night as you relax in the day. Get to Thalassa at night and give your itinerary a Greek twist. Witness the traditional dance performance and then spend away the night at the near-by discs and eateries.

New Year in Goa – Day 4

Go to Ponda to delve deep into the historical traditions of Goa. As your vacation advances, try chilling at the Palolem Beach to enjoy the Goan beauty in all its glory. You can also enjoy some water sports at the Candolim beach and make the most out of your trip to goa during New Year. Remember to indulge with some amazing sea food that Goa is famous for and also binge on the Konkani delicacies. Some of the delicacies that you should definitely get your hands on are- Goan Fish Rice and Curry, Fish Recheado, Goan Prawn Curry, Chicken Cafreal, Chicken Xacuti, Bebinca, Pork Vindaloo, Crab Xec Xec, Pork Sarpatel, Goan Sausages, Sanna, Dodol and the list is endless.

New Year in Goa – Day 5

See if you can get a pass to the Sun Burn festival. It is three days of maddening fun and there is nothing like spending the Sun Burn festival to enjoy the New Year completely at Goa. Apart from this, pick your favourite shack and spend nights at the beach while simply absorbing yourself into the festive vibe. This was our rough journey guide for you to make sure that you spend the best 5 days in Goa during New Year.

Have an amazing Christmas and also a very Happy New Year!

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