How to Spend 7 Days in Las Vegas During New Year

Las Vegas is the party capital of the World for a reason.  A Las Vegas journey guide by itself is so lively, that you get pumped up while drawing out your itinerary itself.  We did not think it was possible, but the Vegas strip becomes a million times more vibrant during the holiday season. Draw out a Las Vegas Trip planner to make the most out of your trip.  Here are some ideas for you to keep in mind if you are looking at spending 7 days in Las Vegas during New Year.

1) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 1

Spend a day like Alice in Wonderland! Las Vegas takes its festive season quite seriously. An ideal December vacation guide for Las Vegas would definitely consist of winter in Venice at the Venetian Hotel. Enjoy the winter display here and enjoy ice skating to the fullest. After which, remember to visit the Sam’s to fulfil your Las Vegas holiday travel goals. Remember to attend the laser show that takes place between 5 pm-10 pm at every hour.

2) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 2

Vegas is sure to offer you some of the most memorable gastronomic experiences in the world. Spend your day choosing what and where do you want to eat and enjoy your vacation completely. Go ahead to catch the show at Fremont Street in the early evening and then proceed to Ethel.M.Chocolate’s legendary Garden Holiday Lights. The last 19 years in Vegas have become even more memorable because of these Holiday lights so make sure you include them in your itinerary.

3) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 3

Holiday spreads are some of the best to binge on. Even though Vegas concentrates on buffets during this season, but you can also visit the street side cafes to just enjoy a meal.  We are pretty sure that your Las Vegas trip planner already consists of Bellagio; but on New Year’s, your luck is sure to double up.  Palazzo should also definitely be a part of your journey guide, but the restaurants on the strip which serve holiday food should definitely be the highlight of your journey guide.

4) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 4

If you are bored of having too much fun and want to dive a little into the history of Vegas, then visit the Clark County Museum. This place basically is a group of historical buildings. During the festive season, this complex gets even more lit up and it is amazing fun to witness this place.

5) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 5

Remember to take a walk through the strip again as the entire place turns into a celebration at every foot-step. After exploring the strip, go catch a show at the Nevada Ballet theatre to see a one of a kind performance.

6) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 6

Take part in the activities that make Shark Reef Aquarium even more fun during the festive season.  It  is the safest and most fun time to engage with the animals and learn a lot more about them. Spend your evening sipping on hot cocoa after enjoying an ice skating session at the Cosmopolitan.

7) New Year in Las Vegas – Day 7

Spend your last day just mingling with the locals. Go pub-hopping or some pool party. But, remember to binge on holiday food. Some of the suggestions for restaurants are Primarily Prime Rib, Cabo Wabo Cantina, BLT Burger Las Vegas and Don Vito’s.

Wish you a very happy New Year in advance!

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