How To Spend 7 Days In Paris During Christmas

Paris is the city of love. During Christmas, you will not only fall in love with the city but also its people. The little things that you will explore about this city are not really mentioned anywhere in most vacation guides. An ideal Paris Trip Planner would take you through the best of Paris that the rest of the world falls in love with but a special journey guide would tell you Parisian secrets that would make your travel even more special. Just like love is not bound by time, similarly your affair with Paris does not need to fit under any time constraints. But, to have a life-long commitment with this city, you definitely must spend 7 days in Paris during Christmas. Here is a trip plan for you:-

1) Day 1 in Paris

Let’s start with the touristy things by giving them a Christmas twist. Like all things, let’s start by being grateful for the fact that you got to the most beautiful city of the world. Start with a skip-the-line tour of Notre Dame. Spend a quarter of your day exploring the magnificent history and then simply opt for a skip-the-line Eiffel Tower tour and make it the topmost priority of your Paris trip planner.

2) Day 2 in Paris

Catch a performance by Swan Lake at Opera Bastille and spend your evening the royal way. As your handy vacation guide, let us tell you what to do. Go for an exclusive performance at Moulin Rouge and enjoy the cabaret that every travel enthusiast wishes to make a part of his trip to Paris.

3) Day 3 in Paris

Spend the day hiking MontMarte and enjoy the celebration of the beautiful church here. After which of-course, go for a Seine river cruise and check out the river illuminations that light up the entire city. This is a combination which you should definitely customize while working on your Paris trip planner.

4) Day 4 in Paris

Catch a performance at Palais Garnier. These performances are specially crafted for the holiday season and are a treat to watch. Combine it with a little shopping at the department stores that go all out during the Christmas season. Your trip would become completely worth it as you see decor mingle with fashion effortlessly.

5) Day 5 in Paris

Now, you will definitely be ready to see the most expensive street of the World. Start your day with holiday desserts and start walking through Champs Elysees. Once your shopping satiety is reached, see the street light up with about 1,50,000 lights and enjoy your wonderland moment. It is almost like a dream come true.

6) Day 6 in Paris

This one is a slightly unconventional combination, but to absorb the Christmas spirit of Paris, it is a must. Go on for any of the Ice skating rink options as the Parisian winter makes the entire city go white with snow and ice. After drawing enough figure 8s, spend the evening having hot wine and enjoy the carousels set up in almost every other corner.

7) Day 7 in Paris

This is the day when you really enjoy Christmas minute to minute. Start with witnessing the Yule logs custom and then go on to explore the nativity scenes happening all around the city. After this right as the sun starts to set a little, gear up for the amazing Christmas markets that will stay in your memory forever and ever!

Well, a ‘Joyeux Noel’ in advance!

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