How to Spend 7 Days in Paris during New Year

The city of love lights up even more on the last day of the year. It is almost like all the Parisians are expressing all their love to thank the year that is passing by. During the last week of New Year, a holiday to Paris is definitely a great idea. You will essentially be covering almost all of the prominent attractions that feature on your Paris Trip planner but once you sprinkle it with New Year celebrations, your vacation guide becomes even more fun.

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Here is how you can spend 7 Days in Paris during New Year:-

1) New Year in Paris – Day 1

Ravel in the joy of La Saison des Fêtes, which literally translates to holiday Season. Each street is filled with so much joy, that it’s the best to kick start your journey guide with a lot of unplanned exploration. Start with the obvious the very first day, because you absolutely have to tick this off your list. Get to the top of Eiffel tower to see a completely different game of lights play in front of your eyes. Enjoy a lovely dinner on top and you will be done doing the top thing to do in your Paris trip planner.

2) New Year in Paris – Day 2

Absorb the Parisian air to its fullest on your trip to Paris. Give your New Year plans a twist as you attend a concert at La Sainte Chapelle. You definitely should be including the aforementioned attraction in your itinerary. To completely immerse yourself into the Parisian performing circle, you should catch a cabaret in the evening.

3) New Year in Paris – Day 3

Go around exploring the arts scene and get to Notre Dame to pray for the year to end well. Notre Dame definitely has to be included in your Paris Trip Planner and then you can head to an Illuminations tour to see the city light up after which you can enjoy a romantic dinner at a cruise over Seine.

4) New Year in Paris – Day 4

You should definitely load up on macaroons and cheesecakes to get into the festive mood. Keep an entire day for exploring Champs Elysees. No Paris vacation guide is complete without including the most expensive street in the world. The entire street lights up beautifully during the last two weeks of the year and the vibe here is extensively lively.

5) New Year in Paris – Day 5

See Paris from a panoramic perspective as you take a turn on Rue De Paris. After enjoying some crepes, go attend the Lido De Paris- one of the best dinners and shows to take place in Paris.

6) New Year in Paris – Day 6

Go on a gastronomic experience as you explore delectable delicacies of the French cuisine. If you can gauge it in your budget, then definitely go have a meal at Le Bristol, Pierre Gagnaire or Le Clinq.

7) New Year in Paris – Day 7

You can also plan a visit to Montmartre, the Sacre Couer church to kick start your New Year with blessings of the almighty. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch at any of the road side eateries where everyone is in a festive mode so you will receive a lot more love. After which, head to a performance at Moulin Rouge.

Bonne année à l’avance!

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