What to do around Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

e832b00d20f0003ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d21eb4144690f3c5_640_thanksgivingYou do not really need a perfectly planned out holiday itinerary to have the perfect time in Las Vegas. Even a walk around the strip is enough to kick start your festival itineraries and get into the mood of celebration. What’s there to be more thankful then to be at Vegas on Thanksgiving?

Here are a couple of things that you can do with a lot more zeal and enthusiasm around Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

  1. Try your luck at a casino!

    This one features on the top of all lists of holiday ideas when it comes to Las Vegas. But imagine the positive vibe you will attract on this day. It is a day to feel lucky and when else do you need luck as much? While drawing out your holiday itinerary, put this one in green so you know you try it out for sure. Don’t bet big and even if you do, you are sure to remain thankful for all the money you earned or spent in the first place!

  2. Get your mood up with the lit strip!

    The strip gets even livelier during the holiday season. The frequency of the vibrancy gets triple with the festive vibe lurking around in the air. Take a walk through the strip and feel thankful for all the fun that God has offered you in the form of a break at Las Vegas.

  3. Enjoy a typical Thanksgiving buffet!

    Food has to be on the top of your list when you plan out a festival itinerary. Although the lines can get unbearably long, but booking well in advance is one of the brightest holiday ideas that you will have. A typical meal of roast turkey with potatoes and other delectable delicacies is sure to tingle your taste buds and take you on a completely different type of high!

  4. Be perpetually drunk to just get into the festive mood.

    That is the thing about Vegas, alcohol flows in your body through your blood streams during your tryst with the city. Most people enjoy a holiday which starts with mimosas, breaks with a beer and ends with Margheritas. Start Thanksgiving well in advance by frequenting the awesome bars of the city right from the first day of your holiday!


  5. Take part in Las Vegas Great Turkey trot!

    This is a ritual that is distinct to Las Vegas. To burn off the turkey feast, walk for charity. A large number of people from the city walk the day after to burn off all the things that they have filled their tummies with! It’s of advantage to both, all the money from this is then donated to charity!Thanks to the kind of environment that this city is famous for, each day is as festive as the holiday of Thanksgiving. Just remember to live it up and drink away each moment to make the best of your time around Thanksgiving in Las Vegas!

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