What To Do Around Thanksgiving In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of glitz and glamour. Every corner of this city is synonymous with fashion, style and lot of vibrancy. Thanksgiving is a very laid back affair in Los Angeles, but the coming together of people during the holiday season is what will make your festival itineraries a completely amazing affair to look forward to!

Here are a couple of things to make sure your holiday itinerary stands out and you enjoy each and every moment of it:

1) Have a hearty Thanksgiving meal at one of the best restaurants!

Thanksgiving meals are the most celebrated thing about this festival. There are some amazing restaurants that pop right into your head when you think of holiday ideas. Book in advance and enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of these restaurants- Artisan House, Café Gratitude, Esterel, Four Seasons or Melisse.

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2) Enjoy a free Thanksgiving Day feast.

Considering L.A celebrates everything with a completely different level of zest, here is one of the best plan to put in your holiday itinerary. There are many events that are followed by free annual Thanksgiving feasts, try becoming a part of one to enjoy the experience completely. For example, if you go for a show at the Laugh Factory- you will actually see how much people from Los Angeles have to be thankful for.

3) Take a hike to the Hollywood sign around Thanksgiving in Los Angeles!

Taking a hike to the Hollywood Sign is a definite thing to do when in Los Angeles, but making it a part of your festival itineraries is going to be a really awesome thing to do. Everyone is just starting to feel festive on the day of Thanksgiving and you will easily blend in the entire vibe.

4) Become a part of Turkey Trot!

Turkey trot on the day after Thanksgiving is one of the most coveted traditions of Los Angeles. Here, you will come across people dressed as turkeys, pies and so many things that are associated with the day of Thanksgiving. Walk along with all of them and absorb the festive energy with every footstep.

5) Enjoy one of the Light Shows

There are various light shows that make the festival of Thanksgiving a very bright day to be a part of. You can enjoy the zoo lights or the lights that are on display in Sherman Oaks. The amazing lights make the streets a delight to walk on. It is also a great chance to mingle with the people of Los Angeles and enjoy a typical Thanksgiving! We recommend you to indulge in authentic experiences by taking top Los Angeles Tours.

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