What To Do Around Thanksgiving in New York!

As the year ends, one thing all of us look forward to is the advent of the festive season. The only thing that keeps us going through the challenging year end work deadlines is the holiday season that offers us the much needed break from all that we have been through over the year. This thanksgiving, take out a moment to decide whether you want to shout out MuchasGracias for the lovely fall or the amazing vibe that the environment gives out during this particular time of the year, especially in New York. Here is an exciting list of ideas to add to your festival itineraries this year:-

1) Sing along the thanksgiving songs!

There is nothing better to feature on your festival itinerary than this idea. The entire city is bustling with people who are in a mood to celebrate and there are hardly any grumpy faces around because everyone takes out this day to count all the good things that have been happening in their lives.

2) Witness one of the best parades in the World.

Nothing better to include on your holiday itinerary than witnessing the Macy’s thanksgiving parade. The celebration is simply magical and there is happiness flying all around, literally! You will see this amazing procession taking over the laid back vibe of the holiday season and turn it in to a completely different environment full of fun and frolic!

3) Enjoy a pie baking class during the week.

Pies are a big thing during the holiday season and specially on the day of Thanksgiving. One of the best things to include in your list of holiday ideas is going all authentic with the celebration to completely absorb the culture. The first step to celebrating this American holiday the American way is to learn how to make the amazing pie. If you are a sweet tooth, we are pretty sure, you will be enjoying the best of pies in the city, but this is definitely one of the best things to do around Thanksgiving in New York.

4) Be in a festive mood, right since the beginning of the day!

One of the best things about New York, specially on the day of Thanksgiving is the excitement that you see in bars. You will have people going in and going out immersing themselves in a complete holiday mood right since the beginning of the day. Most bars in New York, at least the ones worth going to open as early as 8 am on Thanksgiving. One of the best holiday ideas as per people is to go enjoy the vibrancy of an extremely crowded place to understand the city and there is no better time to do that than around thanksgiving in New York.

5) Stuff yourself as well as you stuff the turkey!

Thanksgiving food with its potatoes and turkeys is just a dream come true for a foodie. What is a festival without the authentic taste of the culture? On this note, go and enjoy a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal to get a complete feel of the festival.

6) Go mingle with the crowd and add to the festivities!

Now, just in case food places have been overdone in your holiday itinerary and you are facing somewhat of a food nausea during your trip, then there is nothing better to get to the roads and mingle with the locals to enhance your festive mood.

7) Try catching all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes!

Well, this one is close to the hearts of all F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatics. Considering, that each Thanksgiving has been set in New York, there is nothing better to do than binge watch each and every Thanksgiving episode that has ever been aired. With Chandler hating the holiday, Joey being thankful for a thong, Brad Pitt making us thank for his chiselled body, Monica making all the delectable dishes, nothing can get better than this for complete feels of Thanksgiving!

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